A Complete Line of Climate Control Products



Why Climate Control?

Quest dehumidification equipment controls damaging moisture and humidity in a wide range of applications. The ability to function effectively in lower temperatures is built into every Quest dehumidifier. Under all conditions, the lower operating cost and availability of high capacity “plug-and-play”, “ventilating”, “portable”, and “industrial” installations make Quest dehumidification equipment the right solution for any humidity or climate control problem.

Ventilating Climate Control

The Quest ventilating dehumidifiers are high capacity, high-efficiency ventilating dehumidifiers and are all Energy Star® rated. All the Quest ventilating dehumidifiers include air filtration to improve indoor air quality.

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Plug-and-Play Climate Control

The Quest plug-and-play dehumidifiers are perfect for the heavier moisture loads common in athletic facilities. Pools, spas, locker rooms and exercise areas demand higher capacity equipment to prevent mold, mildew and odors.

Portable Climate Control

When do you need portable dehumidification? When unexpected water leakage or overflow threatens structures and their contents, the portable Quest Dry RDS 10 and Quest PowerDry 4000 Pro dehumidifiers and the Quest Power Air Mover A3000 and C1000 air movers provide maximum drying power. The Quest PowerHEPA 1400 Pro air scrubber and the Quest PowerCool 12 Pro portable air conditioner are perfect compliments to Quest dehumidification for keeping the jobsite environment safe, healthy, and comfortable, regardless of outside climate conditions.

Desiccant Climate Control

The Quest desiccant dehumidifiers provide more water removal and a wider operating range (-10°F to 140°F) than refrigerant based dehumidifiers where near or below freezing dewpoints are desired. The Quest desiccant dehumidifiers can be combined with the Quest high efficiency dehumidifiers to provide extra capacity and better control in situations with high peak moisture loads, or where external ducting is impractical. Quest has a full line of desiccant dehumidification from portable and plug-and-play to complete industrial drying systems.

Heating Climate Control

From 20,000 BTUs to 980,000 BTUs Quest has a heating option for you. Whether you need portable temporary or emergency heating on the jobsite or in the workplace, or you are just trying to speed up a drying process, like freshly cleaned carpet or a water overflow from a leaky pipe, Quest can help. For more information on for Construction Drying Applications and our complete Heat Modular Systems for Ground Thaw, Concrete Curing, Temporary, Emergency or Event Heating, visit QuestOnTheJob.com. For Bedbug Eradication Heat Systems (electric or hydronic), visit HeatUpBedbugs.com. Quest Products has a complete product line of Portable Heating Equipment for almost any application.

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