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Quest PowerDry 1200 Pro

The Quest PowerDry 1200D Pro has been designed from the ground up for simple, quiet, reliable operation and can operate under the harshest of conditions (-10°F to 140°F). The 1200D Pro can remove an amazing 43 gallons (344 pints@80°F/60%RH). The 1200D Pro offers a constant-run mode for maximum operation and a humidistat controlled mode for sensitive climates. The 1200D Pro is a 230 volt — single phase unit with selectable 25 or 40 amp draw. Portable, reliable, easy to use, the Quest PowerDry 1200D Pro is a powerful commercial and industrial climate control drying solution.

Dehumidifying Completely Sealed Structures: In some cases, exhausting reactivation air from a structure may not be possible. When that is the case, you can simply exhaust the wet reactivation air into one of our Quest refrigerant dehumidifiers and then drain the condensate away.


Standard conditions are determined by the American Home Appliance Manufacturers (AHAM) and are used because capacity will vary with conditions. AHAM standard rating conditions are 80ºF and 60%RH. At these conditions, the capacity of the Quest PowerDry 1200 Pro is 344 pints per day.


Quest PowerDry 1200D Pro Specifications

Part No.: 4028200
Power: User Selectable 25 or
40 Amp – 220 V – Single Phase
Water Removal: 344 Pints/Day
@80°F, 60%RH
Efficiency: 2.5 Pints/kWh
Blower: 900 CFM Process Airflow
300 CFM React Airflow
Operating Temp.: -10°F to 140°F
W x H x D: 26.5″ x 35″ x 45″
Weight: 265 Lbs.

Optional Accessories

4029521 Flex Duct 12”x25’
4029252 Lay Flat Duct 10” Round x 250’


  • 900 CFM process airflow
  • 300 CFM reactivation airflow
  • 12” Oval inlet
  • 8” Reactivation Outlet
  • Dual 8” Process Outlet

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