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Quest Hi-E Dry 195

Quest HI-E Dry dehumidifiers are designed for plug-and-play or ducted installations. The HI-E DRY 195 (195 pints of water removal per day) was designed for areas with heavier moisture loads that demand higher capacity equipment to help eliminate mold, mildew and their odors, such as indoor pools, spas, locker rooms and exercise areas.

All Quest Plug-And-Play Dehumidifiers can be used as free-standing units and require no installation.


Standard conditions are determined by the American Home Appliance Manufacturers (AHAM) and are used because capacity will vary with conditions. AHAM standard rating conditions are 80ºF and 60%RH. At these conditions, the capacity of the Hi-E Dry 195 is 192 pints per day.


Quest HI-E Dry 195 Specifications

Part No.: 4030060
Power: 12.0 Amps, 115V
Water Removal: 192 Pints/Day
@80°F, 60%RH
Efficiency: 5.9 Pints/kWh
Blower: 540 CFM
Operating Temp: 33°F to 110°F
W x H x D: 36.6″ x 40″ x 19″
Weight: 180 Lbs.

Optional Accessories

4021799 16” x 16” x 2” Pleated Media Filter 30% MERV-6
4023684 Duct Kit, Optional
4020175 115V Remote Dehumidistat, Optional


  • Controlled by a dehumidistat with settings from 20 to 80 percent relative humidity and a positive “on” and “off” setting.
  • Contains a blower switch that permits continuous blower operation independent of dehumidification.
  • Portable and provided with four casters.
  • Contains an internal condensate pump capable of lifting condensate 17 feet and 20 feet of condensate hose.
  • Wiring is through a factory installed six foot power cord; 115 volt with ground.
  • Environmentally friendly R410A refrigerant.

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