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Quest Dry RDS 10

The Quest Dry RDS 10 combines the high performance of larger dehumidifiers into a compact, state of the art, rotomold design. A solid- state control panel features a lighted hour meter, pump purge control and a defrost light. The recessed 12-inch wheels, compact design and balanced weight distribution make the RDS 10 easy to handle, even in the tightest of spaces. The pleated media air filter is conveniently located on the top of these units, for quick and easy replacement. All of these features are standard on these competitively priced, durable and high performing units from the climate control experts at Quest.


Standard conditions are determined by the American Home Appliance Manufacturers (AHAM) and are used because capacity will vary with conditions. AHAM standard rating conditions are 80ºF and 60%RH. At these conditions, the capacity of the Quest Dry RDS 10 is 80 pints per day.


Quest Dry RDS 10 Specifications

Part No.: 4029630
Power: 5.4 amps, 110V
Water Removal: 80 Pints/Day
@80°F, 60%RH
Efficiency: 5.2 Pints/kWh
Sized For: 3,600 Sq. Ft.
Blower: 230 CFM
Operating Temp: 33°F to 105°F
W x H x D: 20″ x 33.5″ x 20″
Weight: 105 Lbs.

Optional Accessories

4029499 Air Filter MERV 11
029498 Air Filter MERV 7 (Standard)
4029252 Lay Flat Duct 10” Round x 250’
4029521 Flex Duct 12”x25’


  • Lightweight and Portable – 105 lbs
  • High Capacity – Up to 20 gallons at saturation
  • Energy Efficiency – Draws only 5.1 amps
  • Extended Operating Range – 33°F to 105°F
  • Process Airflow – 230 CFM
  • Durable, Plastic Housing – Resists dents and scratches
  • Retractable Handle – A heavy-duty retractable handle for easy storage, transporting and stacking multiple units
  • Recessed 12” Wheels – Allows greater efficient storage. Rolls over obstacles with ease
  • Pleated Air Filter
  • Inlet Ducting – 12” Flex Duct
  • Outlet Ducting – 10” Lay-Flat
  • Solid State Controls – Easy to read and operate
  • Internal Condensate Pump – Removes water that collects in the reservoir
  • Protected Condensate Hose – Recessed hose cannot catch or be damaged on obstructions

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