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Quest PowerHEPA 1400 Pro

The Quest PowerHEPA 1400 Pro portable HEPA air scrubbers are portable air scrubbing devices designed to capture virtually all removable airborne particles. The Quest PowerHEPA 1400 Pro (1400 CFM) will amazingly perform one air change in just over a minute in a roughly 16 x 16 x 8 foot room. At the recommended four air changes per hour, a single Quest PowerHEPA 1400 Pro can effectively control up to 21,000 cubic feet. The air scrubber has an optional 4-stage absorption filter, and also removes airborne odors and chemicals.

The Quest PowerHEPA 1400 Pro is extremely versatile with its multiple ducting and filtration options. This provides the unique ability to continually filter the indoor air and depressurize the jobsite to prevent the spread of contamination.


Cubic feet per minute (CFM) is a standard unit of measurement found in many forms of ventilation to determine volume flow.


Quest PowerHEPA 1400 Pro Specifications

Part No.: 4028220
Airflow: 1400 CFM High
900 CFM Low
Power: 12 Amps, 110V
Air Filtration System: HEPA
W x H x D: 25″ x 39″ x 25″
Weight: 121 Lbs.

Optional Accessories

4029252 Lay Flat Duct 10” Round x 250’
4029254 Lay Flat Duct 14” Round x 250’
4023244 12” V-bank HEPA Filter
4023375 1” Spun Polyester Pre-Filter
4023374 2” Pleated Media Polyester/Cotton Pre-Filter
4023487 Carbon/Potassium Filter, 7.5 lbs
4024764 Reusable Carbon Filter Fram
4024528 Carbon/Potassium Blend, 5 Gallon Bucket
4023643 Flex Duct 18”x25’
4024750 Flex Duct 12”x25’


  • 2-Speed operation (1400-900 CFM)
  • Multiple ducting options
  • Built-in manometer
  • Only 12 amps
  • Stainless steel cabinet
  • Optional fourth stage carbon filter
  • Wheeled cart design

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